Lets Go Foundation.org

The Story Behind Lets Go

Lets Go was created by Emily Clanton in honor of her mother, Hyon Chu’s last words to her.

Here at Lets Go, our mission is to help financially struggling families hit with a terminal illness to meet with their loved ones.

With donations we will provide airfare with cash, vouchers, and/or miles to fly the loved one to the patient. We will gladly fly the patient to see loved ones if eligible to fly with Dr. approval.

Families of every class are affected by cancer. The bills can be costly and a lot of families lose a loved one before they can afford a visit. Lastly, terminal patients need to see certain relatives to say goodbye and Let Go.


Launch Party

September 27, 2014

Launch Party

We had a very successful charity launch party at State Social House on Saturday. We are very thankful for all... Read More